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Publications : Healing performances of Bali, between darkness and light - Angela Hobart


4. Power and the Shadow Theatre of the Queen Sorceress

  • Witchcraft and Sorcery in Daily Life
  • The Shadow Theatre of Calon Arang

5. The Mythological Figures Rangda and Barongs

  • Myths of Creation
  • The Art of Mask Making
  • Barongs as Healing Agents in Dreams and Rites

6. Community Well-being and the Religious Festival Galungan

  • Ritual Space and the Social Organisation of the Festival
  • The Celebration: Processions, Ludic Songs, Dance-Drama Performances
  • Recentring the Community

7. The Aesthetics of Healing

  • Balinese Notions of Self
  • Mediating Between Darkness and Light
  • Thanking the Gods: the Drama of the Lost Prince

1. Introduction: Setting the Scene

  • Encountering Healing: An Outline of the Argument
  • Bali: A Brief Background
  • Historical Survey of the Medical System

2. The Village Community and Family

  • The Village Community and Household Compound
  • Anger and Outlets for the 'Uncivilised' Passions

3. Healers and the Traditional Medical System

  • The Health Care System
  • Scholarly Healers
  • Spirit Mediums
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