Centro Incontri Umani - Ascona

Last principal conferences

15-16 June 2012
Culture and Health: What is Human Wellbeing?

A wide-ranging, interdisciplinary discussion on the cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary understanding of human wellbeing, addressing in particular the following questions: Have our existing disciplinary borders actually inhibited us from rethinking the shifting frameworks within which human health is understood? How might we benefit from comparing notions of human wellbeing that get generated in diverse cultural and disciplinary traditions? Are there specific arenas in which cultures and disciplines exhibit such shifts? Can what we learn from examining such diversity be brought to bear on our understanding of how wellbeing is socially constructed as 'health'? In what ways might we become more responsive to new and emerging social needs in the area of human wellbeing? Are there, as it were 'bottom-up' innovations that more structured institutions are slow to respond to and might respond to more affectively if they were better understood?

Convenors: David Napier and Angela Hobart


3-4 June 2011
The Moral Borders of Self and Other: Migration, Reconcilition and Human Well-being

An international conference engaging with the humanity and morality of migration. Convened by David Napier and Angela Hobart.


10 - 14 Oct. 2005

The Interface between Ritual, Theatre and Film

8 - 11 May 2003

State, Ancient & Modern

3 - 5 May 2002

Ritual and Performance

26 - 29 April 2001

Performance Genres & Comparative Aesthetics

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